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"Hi, I'm an artist" That's something you don't hear me saying in day to day conversation. If you meet me for the first time you'll most likely hear me say that I'm a photographer that also does video and web development and has a time-lapse speciality whilst carrying out commercial work in the fields of advertising, events, music, and more. To sum me up I have always said that I do: People, Music, Advertising.

Now then, that used to be my tagline going back 5 or 6 years when I was printing my first business cards using a certain cheap website whilst shooting on 35mm colour negative film and studying photography at college. I've come a long way since then, but some things have carried along and been kept either because they are too good to drop (implying I got it right from the beginning) or because I have been too busy (or lazy) to drop them! Well I guess it's time for me to start defining things, but there's no justification needed as an artist, or is there?

Capture, Create, Captivate is my new tagline and that came to me whilst I was lying in bed at 2am and I remember grabbing my phone to jot it down so I didn't forget it. It's strange how the best ideas come to you at the most unexpected of times. Well as I'm writing this I'm sitting in my dressing robe on a Saturday afternoon having had no sleep the previous night due to: work/photography/events/friends/excitement/ideas/buzz/energy and the list goes on! I've realised that I get easily distracted. This journal entry is one of those distractions, but something that just comes out and happens. I tend to like to go with the flow.

Getting back in focus

So the question I pose is what am I? Am I an artist? Yes... "art is whatever you can get away with" and I'm getting away with myself. In other words, I'm a creative thinker and look at the world differently, but putting that into words makes it sound just a little strange if not pretentious. I don't think I'm the slightest bit pretentious about anything. I like to say what I think, and I often think what I say. Interpret that last play on words how you will, but basically I talk (and think) a lot. Perhaps more than I should. On that note, I'll try and get to the point I intended to make here. Actually I just wanted to refresh my DA journal page perhaps with a bit on what I'm currently doing. Instead it turned into a load of philosophical blabbering about.... well I can't remember. I'll have to read this journal entry back at some stage. When I do that, I will at that moment in time appreciate how it feels for you, the reader to have come this far on a journey into the mind that is my own.

It's probably best I stick to photography as a profession. I can't imagine anyone ever paying me to write for them. I do however love to write, and I think that burning passion is like a flame that cannot be doused. That metaphorical flame, however is overshadowed by a great big ball of fire in my mind that represents my desire to photograph.

Am I an entrepreneur? Yes. Why am I  an entrepreneur... well the reason why is because I'm going to cut this journal entry short (if you can really call it that) and go and make some money now.

*this is where the journal entry was supposed to end whilst giving good dramatic effect, but I was on a roll, and I just carried on typing.*

I also won an award once for 'Creativity Works Student Entrepreneur 2009' and have a lovely trophy sat on my desk at my office next to Victoria station in Manchester which I've been meaning to photograph in a creative way and showcase. I don't even have the award listed on my website! I'm going to launch a new site soon however, so stay tuned if you want to read more on that stuff.

I've managed to write an entire journal entry without mentioning DeviantART.(<----- actually, technically no I haven't, and I'm quite a technical/ridiculous *delete as appropriate person) and the reason I didn't mention DA is because I realised that this journal entry should be about me, but should be relevant to you. The only problem is I'm so seldom seen these days around these parts that I don't even think anyone comes to my DA page any more which is a real shame as I used to get so much amazing feedback from you guys. Please leave me a comment just to let me know you've dropped by, or to ask or point out anything at all that interests you. I do, after all, create my artwork, for you. The viewer. If you read this far, then I'm mightily impressed (I'm not sure who I'm impressed with... you or me!) but if a DA watcher doesn't comment are they really a watcher at all? (don't even get me started on Schrödinger's cat)

Thanks for reading what has felt like a bit of an epic pouring out of my intertwined thoughts and expressions of my feelings. Well actually there have been more emotional things in my life to be honest with you, but I hope that at least this has painted a picture and pleased you with some of my puns too in the process! Wow, that's a lot of p's. Speaking of which that reminds me of the 7 p's

Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Unfortunately not all things can be planned in life.
Fortunately not all things can be planned in life.

Hmmmm? Sounds confusing? Well basically I'm going to philosophise some more here, and reveal (if you didn't already know) about myself that I love spontaneity yet strive for a planned approach to things. That mix can be dead(ly)/interesting.

That's all for now folk's!

p.s. (did I mention I hadn't had much sleep when I wrote this... *some of the words here may be distorted but that is due to the hallucinogenic side effects of not having any sleep, because you as an artist have also probably been up for 2 days reading this journal entry. Don't worry it's perfectly normal and reality will resume shortly...)
As of late it's been hard to justify spending time submitting work to DA. It's a shame, and one thing that remains firm in my mind is that this is the best online art community (as well as the biggest). Unless of course someone want's to correct me there, and it could be considered a matter of opinion. Anybody? no...? I didn't think so.... So aside from stating the obvious why have I not spent time here?

Although I'm an artist I've been a business man first and foremost recently and getting my business off the ground and marketing my self. Part of that hasn't yet included submitting new work here (or even to other sites such as Flickr).

I did launch a new website earlier this year, and I have been updating my Facebook page 'drephoto', posting photography Tweets via aa_photography, adding photos to my Flickr and posting posting on Tumblr (both usernames are 'andreasandrews')

One thing I always do is recommend DA to other artists that I know, and especially those who are just getting started and haven't heard of DA. I encourage them to post their early work and ideas here, and even rough work to 'scraps' and get feedback from a thriving community, which I think is better than posting things to a select group of Facebook friends (and family) who tend to feedback on work with 1 word answers.

DA has been there for me in my early years as a photographer, and artist and will be there for me when I free up more time it, and hope that it's been growing nicely (I've seen some great changes already) in the meantime and I don't just mean the website, but the lovely artists who use it!

Thanks for reading, and please leave your thoughts and comments!
I have abused my journal on Deviant art.

I'm just writing this post to refresh things so I can start actually keeping a journal of what is happening on the art side of things. Not to mention what deviousness I get up to.

Right now there is an exciting 2010 ahead of us!

If you're in the North West of England then gimme a shout!!!
If you're not, then shout a little louder so I can hear you!!!

Peace all you deviants, and friends. I hope the cobwebs on this account haven't put you off.. It's got character in here I hope you'll find. Please take a virtual stroll through my gallery of wonders and works and see what you'll find. Maybe there's something that you'll enjoy more than you expected.

woop woop

Viva la Deviantart!

and as for journal abuse... expect some!

apologies to those of you I haven't been in more regular contact with. It's about time I made more time for DA!

Peace :-)

I'll leave you with a random skateboarding feature:…
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I just won the Creativity Works Student Entrepreneur of the year award!

...and officially I've only just started out in business!

and I'm going to bed now...

I'll be back...
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I've just finished my Degree in photography and My exhibition is up right now in Blackburn! I will put up more info on the web (+map) for those looking to check it out. It's a group exhibition with some amazing photography, art, media and stuff to check out.

My recent body of work: (to be updated soon)

Current Exhibition Website: (I will put a map on here ;-) )

I am going to get to work researching and setting up my Photography business: Andreas Andrews Photography

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gonna be very brief, so I have time to upload some images!!! I've got a years worth of work I can't wait to show the world!


Finishing my degree in photography. Final Project is based on street fashion (the idea expanded from previous work)and I've already shot in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Burnley, Blackburn and Accrington with assistance from :iconmagaz:


I recently had my entry to the national 'Bricks and Mortals' competition highly commended by the judges. Mine was 1 of 4 images to receive the award and a print was sold in a charity auction for £100!

I received 3 cash prizes for images chosen by Brother UK (Japanese printer and product company) for use in their national campaign.

I recently shot a timelapse for Babycakes. Go check it out. I've never done anything like it before…

      ***Coming Soon***

New Website(s) and online material
Exhibition in Blackburn, Lancashire
Band Photography! competitions, website, DA Profile and more!

Finally, for all of those who read this, and who I haven't spoken to or heard from for a while please say a quick hello! I want to hear how you're doing. It's been so long since I've found time to check up on what peeps are doing on here, and it's a about time I took part again. I've been missing out!



Member of :iconthe-yard-collective:
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...lurkin in the shadows

Got a dissertation to do. I now beleive that's the most important thing on my agenda.

Won't be active for a little while longer  *laughter emerges from the room*

I like to think that I'm building up to an almighty.... something.. back on DA

Thank you for the people who have retained an interest in my work on here!

You'll hear more from me in the future!!!!

London II by xMEGALOPOLISx lost in the grass by P0RG American dream in New York by CatchMe-22 Birds... by xMEGALOPOLISx
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A note to DA:

I haven't posted anything here for what seems an eternity.  There have been so many reasons why I haven't posted I couldn't tell anyone all of them, although they mostly all reasons concerning my life outside of the internet and none of them actually related to this amazing online community. If that makes sense? Basically I love DA, and most things about it, just been awful busy! Got soo much to tell, but who's really interested on here?  That's kind of a rhetorical question you don't have to answer (but it would be nice if you did, so I know what you think ;-) ha ha…


I don't know what to post first…

I'm gonna tax my new shiny but mildly dented Honda Accord online first as that ranks in my priorities right now as I want to drive to Uni tomorrow morning without  dodging the dreaded numberplate scanners! I might add my recent observation is that going back to uni, and coming back to DA have coincided only after leaving my cosy job working as an assistant photographer (more on that some other time, if anyone seems interested)

Well I haven't updated anyone on what I've done photographically, but I'm sure some photographs will help to remedy that.

Who actually reads this anyhow? Leave a comment if you will, so I know what sort of wonderful things to tell all you wonderful people who have taken a minute to read a journal from a wandering deviant who's finally back (and hopefully for good this time)!

I'm will soon tackle the  2,529 Deviations, 318 Messages!


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D-200 | Couch Surfing | Busy!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 26, 2008, 2:19 PM
New Equipment! 50mm Nikkor 1.8 lens - dirt cheap! the sharpest optics I've ever owned! and the cheapest

D-200! was a bargain!

Couch Surfing --> what I'll be doing in Madrid in a few weeks...


It's been a busy time, and it's going to get busier for me!

I decided I wanted a prime lens for just oh so many reasons! Looked on ebay and got one dirt cheap. I have to focus manually (but get a little green confirmation light) and with the D-200 auto-exposure works! Couple that with (what seems to be) relatively organic looking noise when shooting high ISO in low light with the D-200, and it all gets me pretty excited!!!

A new site/community I have joined (on recommendation) that is right up my street, and is just a wonderful idea to get people off their couches, and onto other peoples!

Couch Surfing!

Bored of the idea of networking sites like Myspace just providing yet another way to talk to friends you already have? Like to travel? and meet new people? Then Couch surfing might be just for you... Damn! I sound like I'm promoting it, well I suppose I am, but only because I think it's a genuinely great idea! If you do get on there, be sure to join the Photography > Deviantart group as it's lonley with only 2 members! ha ha

There are loads of photographers on there though, and all over the world!

Going to Madrid on 15th April while others go to New York, and I hope to do some couch surfing with some other photographers, or just interesting people I meet! Sounds a bit dodgy I know staying with strangers and that, but it's a great community with verified and vouched for members some with lots of great couch surfing stories to tell and, and I'm always up for an adventure! I pretty much do the same thing every trip I make to Holland. Who wants to pay to stay in a Hotel on your own with a load of tourists anyway!

If anyone has been to Madrid before (I chose it quite randomly for the £0.01 flight each way from my local airport! +tax of course!) then let me know about your experience, or maybe places that are cool to visit, and meet interesting people! None of that touristy bollocks!

Well there so much more I want to write about, but I've gotta sort out my priorities a little, (and my time management) I'm always saying that! Sorry if those phrases start to get boring! I guess by voicing that out load it helps to make it something that I officially have to do!!!

Expect some noisy images shot at 3200 ISO (equivalent) soon...!!!!

¡Voy a aprender un cierto español también! ¡Por lo menos voy a intentar aprender un poco español! ¡Amo la lengua! ¡Si usted es español entonces consígame en tacto con!

just to clarify, I can't yet speak Spanish, but rather Babel fish.....

Peace and Love to all to all you wonderful beings!

My Flickr account

My website:
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Subs and CSS

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 28, 2008, 1:03 PM
This journal layout is in progress....

My website:

Finally got myself a sub. Was long overdue. Just testing out some CSS

Got back from my trip to The Netherlands. I went to Zaandam (North Amsterdam), Amsterdam, and The Hague which are all places I have lived (or spent many months of my life) at some point. Lovely people over there! More images to be submitted soon...

My Flickr account
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After having spent a couple of days photographing Dutch locals in a small town north of Amsterdam (called Zaandam), I got up at 6am (Well, 5am in English time!) and set off into Amsterdam....

15 hours and 8 gigs worth of full CF cards later....

My legs are tingling with all the limping I've been doing (bad leg still), but it was also the most fun I've had photographing some super cool people. The Dutch are all pretty mellow everywhere I have been in Holland, whilst in Amsterdam you're more likely to bump into people from: England, Sweden, America, Italy, Brazil and soooo many more places, and all of them just so eager to spend their new found time in Amsterdam modelling for me, and also enjoying the whole (sometimes very bizarre) experience!

Edits coming soon....
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I felt I had to write another journal to replace my previous journal in which was a little too much about my own personal sucky things (for deviantART anyway!) that were happening at the time. I even felt compelled to delete my last journal! Not sure why, maybe just trying to forget the past, or looking up to the future. I like the sound of that last one better :-)

Well I'm going to hobble over to holland on my bad leg (which is getting a lot better now, and quite rapidly! :D) and will hopefully be shooting lots whilst I am over there. I've had a very quiet patch the last week or so, and now I hope the next few weeks will be in contrast to that with lots of Uni photography work to do (Advertising, Individual Practice) and lots of ideas for shoots that I want to fulfil, friends/bands/clients who want to be photographed etc.....

I want to write more journals too! I actually quite like speaking my mind (even if nobody really reads it, doesn't bother me) I used to be quite the blabber box when I was little.

Gotta get packed now, and no skateboard coming with me this time, so I'm considering using my baggage allowance to take some equipment including 2 tripods (1 for lighting) and whatever else I decide is going to aid me on my quest. I usually just have 1 SLR and nothing else when travelling, so it might change the way I do things. although I do prefer to travel light... hmmm tough call.

Hopefully I'll have lots of work worthy of posting in a weeks time if not at least a few shots I want to put up.

Take it easy!

Peace out.....
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It's been years since I was first introduced to DA.... ( joined in 2005 as 'livelifetothefull' )

...but now I am suddenly more into it than ever.

It has always been a wonderful source of inspiration, but I never gave back to the community, I was hardly even aware of the community! I definitely didn't upload enough work to call my self a Deviant!

I feel I am now starting to realise that the more you put in to DA the more you get out of it, and I am actively commenting on the work that I feel I have something useful or worthwhile saying about it, or even If I just want to say how much I like it. I also try and get up a shot or two when I feel it is overdue.

To sum things up there are some wonderful people here on DA, and I have only just realised how much time people put into helping each other become the artists we want to be, and producing the sort of work that blows each others socks off!

There is a community on here somewhere that I am ready to be a part of.

Thanks all of you who helped me realise this. You probably have no idea who you are!
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