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I awoke
I breathed
I spoke softly
I opened my eyes
I still dreamt of magic
I thought up a plan of awe
I fired up my innards with fuel
I couldn’t believe my predicament
I looked up at the sky and saw black
I was walking down the hill, when it started
I failed to realise what the consequences were
I saw the blushing of nature, but forceful in its stride
I relented of the times once begotten with marginal delight
I sung a song of cheerful bliss, as I strayed from what was pure
I carried along unscathed by the blinding lights that pierced my soul
I found a million water droplets falling perpetually from the skies above
I disputed the creation of all that was perfect, and reigned in my ignorance
I ran shattered by the constant grinding of my bones against all that was abrasive
I outperformed the beasts from the forest that didn’t understand what is was to be human.
For some strange reason I just started randomly typing in MS Word, and then started to realise the way I was going, so carried on and then purposely put in extra lines to make the text have that ascending typographical format. A bit silly really, but also my first poetry submission on DA. I'm a photographer, but I often feel like typing things... silly things.... almost like word association where you just say the first things that pop into your head. I like doing that, it's satisfyingly fun to do!

All this nonsense is quite possibly related to staying up till silly O' clock in the morning! ..... oh well.....
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Nocturnatum Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
You're a poet dude.. it's really creative too.
andreasandrews Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2009  Professional Photographer
Ha ha, you haven't heard me rapping! lol

Yeah I'd love to write some more poetry...
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March 16, 2008
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