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"Hi, I'm an artist" That's something you don't hear me saying in day to day conversation. If you meet me for the first time you'll most likely hear me say that I'm a photographer that also does video and web development and has a time-lapse speciality whilst carrying out commercial work in the fields of advertising, events, music, and more. To sum me up I have always said that I do: People, Music, Advertising.

Now then, that used to be my tagline going back 5 or 6 years when I was printing my first business cards using a certain cheap website whilst shooting on 35mm colour negative film and studying photography at college. I've come a long way since then, but some things have carried along and been kept either because they are too good to drop (implying I got it right from the beginning) or because I have been too busy (or lazy) to drop them! Well I guess it's time for me to start defining things, but there's no justification needed as an artist, or is there?

Capture, Create, Captivate is my new tagline and that came to me whilst I was lying in bed at 2am and I remember grabbing my phone to jot it down so I didn't forget it. It's strange how the best ideas come to you at the most unexpected of times. Well as I'm writing this I'm sitting in my dressing robe on a Saturday afternoon having had no sleep the previous night due to: work/photography/events/friends/excitement/ideas/buzz/energy and the list goes on! I've realised that I get easily distracted. This journal entry is one of those distractions, but something that just comes out and happens. I tend to like to go with the flow.

Getting back in focus

So the question I pose is what am I? Am I an artist? Yes... "art is whatever you can get away with" and I'm getting away with myself. In other words, I'm a creative thinker and look at the world differently, but putting that into words makes it sound just a little strange if not pretentious. I don't think I'm the slightest bit pretentious about anything. I like to say what I think, and I often think what I say. Interpret that last play on words how you will, but basically I talk (and think) a lot. Perhaps more than I should. On that note, I'll try and get to the point I intended to make here. Actually I just wanted to refresh my DA journal page perhaps with a bit on what I'm currently doing. Instead it turned into a load of philosophical blabbering about.... well I can't remember. I'll have to read this journal entry back at some stage. When I do that, I will at that moment in time appreciate how it feels for you, the reader to have come this far on a journey into the mind that is my own.

It's probably best I stick to photography as a profession. I can't imagine anyone ever paying me to write for them. I do however love to write, and I think that burning passion is like a flame that cannot be doused. That metaphorical flame, however is overshadowed by a great big ball of fire in my mind that represents my desire to photograph.

Am I an entrepreneur? Yes. Why am I  an entrepreneur... well the reason why is because I'm going to cut this journal entry short (if you can really call it that) and go and make some money now.

*this is where the journal entry was supposed to end whilst giving good dramatic effect, but I was on a roll, and I just carried on typing.*

I also won an award once for 'Creativity Works Student Entrepreneur 2009' and have a lovely trophy sat on my desk at my office next to Victoria station in Manchester which I've been meaning to photograph in a creative way and showcase. I don't even have the award listed on my website! I'm going to launch a new site soon however, so stay tuned if you want to read more on that stuff.

I've managed to write an entire journal entry without mentioning DeviantART.(<----- actually, technically no I haven't, and I'm quite a technical/ridiculous *delete as appropriate person) and the reason I didn't mention DA is because I realised that this journal entry should be about me, but should be relevant to you. The only problem is I'm so seldom seen these days around these parts that I don't even think anyone comes to my DA page any more which is a real shame as I used to get so much amazing feedback from you guys. Please leave me a comment just to let me know you've dropped by, or to ask or point out anything at all that interests you. I do, after all, create my artwork, for you. The viewer. If you read this far, then I'm mightily impressed (I'm not sure who I'm impressed with... you or me!) but if a DA watcher doesn't comment are they really a watcher at all? (don't even get me started on Schrödinger's cat)

Thanks for reading what has felt like a bit of an epic pouring out of my intertwined thoughts and expressions of my feelings. Well actually there have been more emotional things in my life to be honest with you, but I hope that at least this has painted a picture and pleased you with some of my puns too in the process! Wow, that's a lot of p's. Speaking of which that reminds me of the 7 p's

Proper Planning & Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Unfortunately not all things can be planned in life.
Fortunately not all things can be planned in life.

Hmmmm? Sounds confusing? Well basically I'm going to philosophise some more here, and reveal (if you didn't already know) about myself that I love spontaneity yet strive for a planned approach to things. That mix can be dead(ly)/interesting.

That's all for now folk's!

p.s. (did I mention I hadn't had much sleep when I wrote this... *some of the words here may be distorted but that is due to the hallucinogenic side effects of not having any sleep, because you as an artist have also probably been up for 2 days reading this journal entry. Don't worry it's perfectly normal and reality will resume shortly...)


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deke Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011
yea, we got the bus from Burnley centre to where you got off,
duke bar?
I stayed on till Nelson.
andreasandrews Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Professional Photographer
I've just realised this was 2011 and not 2012! ha ha
andreasandrews Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Professional Photographer
Funnily enough I often get chatting to a few people randomly on that bus journey, you'll have to jog my memory. Always nice however to meet a fellow Deviant on the bus!
andreasandrews Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010  Professional Photographer
Hey :)

Was great to meet you on the bus!
LeahHorror Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2010
Love your photography!
andreasandrews Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010  Professional Photographer
Thanks :)
L-G-K Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2010
Great gallery man.
andreasandrews Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010  Professional Photographer
thanks dude
sormerod Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Realy enjoyed your work one of the most interesting photographers Ive seen on here and a fellow local as well. I faved a few, some because I liked the concept more than the actual shot. I love to paint local scenes because I grew up in Burnley. Your very talented with the camara would you ever be interested in a colaberation of some kind a mix of ideas and shared end result, which in my case would end up being a painting. would love to chat about it maybe you could come down to my Restaurant in Padiham one day and discuss some ideas.

keep up the good work.
andreasandrews Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2009  Professional Photographer
Hey! Sorry for such a late reply. What a nice comment to receive! I feel there a a lot of talented, creative and nice people locally, and your comment just reinforces my belief.

Now guessing from the restaurants I've seen in Padiham I think there is a good chance I went into yours and ordered a sandwich. Is it kind of on a corner (called the corner house possibly???) The reason I ask is because I've seen some wonderful paintings in a restaurant, and if they are yours then I spoke to your wife too who was very friendly, and even passed on your details to me. As it happens it must be one of those connections that was destined. Either way I'll have to come down and have another gander.

And on that note I'll add that I'm very interested in collaborations and would love to come down and chat with you.

If you want to know the direction I'm going, check out my current website [link] I'm specialising in timelapse video production. I could also quite easily set up a timelapse of you painting the collaborative artwork (nothing original, but we could build innovation into the idea) not to mention I don't think that has been done before...

Really looking forward to hearing from you. My number and email are on my website if you want to get in touch.

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